I woke up today feeling especially lousy. Maybe it was the work phone meeting planned for this afternoon, maybe it was the thought of actually venturing outside the house to Do Stuff. Maybe everything was just getting on top of me again, I don't know.

Anyhoo, I got up to find Matt wandering up the stairs with a slightly soggy gift bag which had been left on the front step. Turns out a friend of mine dropped it by on her way to work as an 'I'm thinking of you in crappy times' gesture. The bag contained:

One (1) stuffed toy puppy
One (1) box of Belgian chocolates, and
One (1) plastic yellow smiley thingy.

It was perfect timing, and just what I needed. I am, however, left with a conundrum. What do I call the stuffed puppy? Ashton has taken all the good puppy nicknames, to wit: Sir Pupsalot, Sir Bunchypaws, McPupperton of the Pupping Clan, Wagglesworth, The Scarlet Pupernel, Pupillion and Mr Flopsy Ears.

So, dear internets, it's time for you to have your say. The stuffed puppy in question is mostly black with light brown paws and eye markings, and is wearing a red ribbon. What should I call it?

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