There's nothing like the feeling of corn kernels from a can squishing underneath your feet. I was cooking dinner and wanted just some of the corn for my salad, but decided to drain all of it and transfer it to another container. Let's just say the colander - and my hand - weren't as steady as I'd hoped and the corn went everywhere. I got most of it up in the first go, but light surfaces and yellow substance don't work so well with my vision, hence the squicky feet.

This was promptly followed up by going downstairs to discover that the dryer in my apartment complex is broken. Discovered, of course, just at the end of finishing my washing cycle. Sigh. I have called the company, and when I am less irate I will go back down there and post a sign about it being broken to hopefully save someone else the same trouble. If I did it right now it would probably read something like "DRYER BROKEN. COMPANY HAS BEEN CALLED. NO LOVE, THE CHUMP WHO FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY."
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( Dec. 29th, 2008 11:46 am)
It seems having the washing machine in my building break has given me the kick up the arse I've needed to do a couple of other little things which will make my life much easier. Like, for instance, calling the real estate agent to get the very, very leaky tap fixed and calling the cleaning guy who was doing the house for Matt and I to get a quote for regular cleaning and some handyman jobs.

The plumber will be here soon, and the cleaner/handyman guy has just left after giving me a quote. He will be back Wednesday morning to do said handyman bits and pieces, which is a relief: the work that needs doing includes getting mold off the roof of the bathroom (there's no vent and opening the window during showers only helps so much), and replacing a light bulb or two.

These small things have felt hugely overwhelming for... well, months now. I don't know why it is that when I get hit with crises I can still do the 'big stuff' reasonably well, it's the little things which stop me dead in my tracks. I'm not a detail oriented person to begin with, and perhaps in times like these I tend to ignore my weaknesses.

I feel a bit guilty about hiring a cleaner on a regular basis, but once a month isn't a huge thing, and I can afford it with the new job. In fact, the new job is one of the justifications I'm using for this. I've already been through a lot of change in the last six months, and the next six aren't going to be a walk in the park either. I'll see how I feel about the cleaning service then. If it's taking away some of the overwhelmed feeling, then it's well worth continuing. I could probably get some of it covered by Home and Community Care for a little less, but frankly I feel like since I can now pay market rates, I should.

As for the washing, that's a pain in arse I will have to deal with straight away. I got my clothes into the machine before realising that (a) the coin slot is jammed and (b) the bottom of the tub had water in it already. I have Miss Maybe coming down to  stay for a week  as of this afternoon, and part of the washing load was the new sheets for the guest couch. Gah.

Those of you who have been in the lovely position of not having a car available AND having to work out lugging shit around with a guide dog or a white cane in one hand will especially appreciate why this a problem I'm not looking forward to solving. None of my friends live close enough that it would be worth visiting them over a laundromat. The washing machine company people said they'd fix it either today or tomorrow; if it weren't for the sheets I'd just hold out until then. It looks like the first thing Miss Maybe will be seeing of Melbourne is the inside of one of our exotic laundromats...

Double-gah. I can't believe I've just written so much about household chores.
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( Oct. 30th, 2008 09:40 pm)
Today I had my first conversations in Auslan with actual deaf people. It went pretty well, though I kept finding myself recognising signs as things I'd seen before but not actually remembering what they meant. Oh, and the woman I spoke to first cracked up at the way I signed 'fish'. I did it with both hands together, wiggling along. Instead, it's meant to be one hand 'stacked' on top of the other with your fingers parallel to your body, then you wriggle your fingers. Oh well. If that's the worst thing that happened I think I'm getting off pretty lightly. It helped a lot that I was talking to deafblind people. Grabbing my hands and showing me exactly what I needed to do happened with ease, and I was able to feel their hands without any of the personal space flinching that sometimes happens with other people.

I also learned a couple of new words: other, boss, thunder, sushi, better.

Oh, and my mint plant aen't ded yet. Now that I'm watering the two plants more regularly than once every couple of days and I'm turning them occasionally to make sure all their bits get sunlight, they seem to be okay. I had a conversation with Mum last night about how to care for them. It sounds like I might need to re-pot them, so I'll try and go to the hardware shop near here over the long weekend to get stuff for that. Bonus: said hardware shop has small tomato plants and I think some basil as well. It just depends on how much I can carry, or how many trips I want to make...

I still haven't named the mint or parsley yet. I feel like I want to, I just haven't found the right names. Mr Green is one contender, but what to name the other plant then? Current frontrunners are Mr. Greener or Mr. Mondo. All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
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( Oct. 26th, 2008 11:49 pm)
It's been a good weekend. Can thoroughly recommend both WALL-E and Mamma Mia! to anyone looking for a good but fairly lighthearted movie to watch. I'm glad I have both to praise, actually: WALL-E is incredibly visual but great for people who don't hear so well while Mamma Mia! is a pretty good pick if you're blind... unless you want some reason to forgive Pierce Brosnan for the bad singing, in which case having some vision does help. You might want to poke your eyes out if you stay through the credits, though, because Mr Darcy in an ABBA jumpsuit is not an image you're going to get rid of easily.

Other good points:

* successfully cooking brunch for Matt on Saturday and successfully not killing him
* spending time with the Girl Guide Extraordinaire talking commonly loved TV shows and eating Cold Rock (OMGOMGOMG I FOUND A COLD ROCK IN MELBOURNE!!1!!111!) ice cream
* getting home in daylight this evening, even though I didn't get back until 7:30PM.

No, you cannot ask me about the state of my flat. Or my mint plant.
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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 08:06 pm)
Yesterday I was doing some grocery shopping and I spotted some fresh herbs in little pots. I paused for a minute, recalling the small trail of dead potplants I've left behind over the years, crumpled and brown right next to my good intentions. I've been thinking about how nice it would be to bring some of the green inside, though. So I'm now the proud owner of two small tubs containing parsley and mint. They're sitting on my not-exactly-small windowsill where I know they'll get plenty of sunlight. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is not to kill the damn things.

At least this time I have motivation: I had some of the parsley on my salad last night, and a few leaves of the mint went into my glass of pineapple juice. NOM NOM NOM.
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 05:46 pm)
Dear Person in the Flat Below,

When the half-deaf woman living above you can not only hear your music, but can feel it through her floor while wearing shoes, you should maybe rethink the volume level. Unless the intoxicating rush of blood seeping through your eardrums is your idea of a fun night.

Consider yourself lucky I can turn my hearing off,

Today's wish: that there was some easy way to tell when tofu is ready to pull out of the pan. Besides the pungent smell of burning tofu wafting through the kitchen.

(This was the spiced and diced version. I suspect the marinade didn't do a lot to help matters because it was all either 'that light brown colour' or 'jet black'.)


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