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( Oct. 4th, 2009 03:50 pm)
Yes, I'm still alive. Just very busy, what with work and holidays where I don't actually get any time to stop.

(This was not necessarily a Bad Thing. Skippy and I went up to Sydney for Mum's 70th birthday. He is now introduced to the rest of my family, including my sister and sundry children. He has not run, though granted, Melbourne would've been a skritch too far at that point. Also, I got to give my Mum a really nice present: tickets for her and I to see <i>Aida</i> at the Sydney Opera House while we were both in the same place for a fracking change. And lo, it was amazing.)

Otherwise things just seem to be trundling along at present. There is some serious bother with my sister's children right now; unfortunately this is not a new state of being, nor is it something I have any power to change for the better to any great degree. Small good things are always possible, however.

Work is good. Busy, with a side order of "FOR THE LOVE OF LITTLE GREEN APPLES, WHY OH WHY DO YOU SEEM TO THINK WE CAN DO THE WORK OF A WELL FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCY WITH TWO POINT SIX FULL TIME EQUIVALENT STAFF?" I love the work, though, and the people I work with are most excellent. For the first time in probably five years I can't imagine what The Next Step will be career wise, but that's okay. It's okay because unless there's some sudden de-funding of my organisation I plan to be here for at least three or four years. I've got time. Also, the next career move may turn out to be having a family. It might be state or national public service, or a different arm of the community sector. Could possibly be the UN. Who knows?

In short: am mostly okay. Just haven't felt much like writing, and I find that when I'm in that frame of mind it takes sitting down and actually writing something to get me back there.


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