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( Oct. 30th, 2008 09:40 pm)
Today I had my first conversations in Auslan with actual deaf people. It went pretty well, though I kept finding myself recognising signs as things I'd seen before but not actually remembering what they meant. Oh, and the woman I spoke to first cracked up at the way I signed 'fish'. I did it with both hands together, wiggling along. Instead, it's meant to be one hand 'stacked' on top of the other with your fingers parallel to your body, then you wriggle your fingers. Oh well. If that's the worst thing that happened I think I'm getting off pretty lightly. It helped a lot that I was talking to deafblind people. Grabbing my hands and showing me exactly what I needed to do happened with ease, and I was able to feel their hands without any of the personal space flinching that sometimes happens with other people.

I also learned a couple of new words: other, boss, thunder, sushi, better.

Oh, and my mint plant aen't ded yet. Now that I'm watering the two plants more regularly than once every couple of days and I'm turning them occasionally to make sure all their bits get sunlight, they seem to be okay. I had a conversation with Mum last night about how to care for them. It sounds like I might need to re-pot them, so I'll try and go to the hardware shop near here over the long weekend to get stuff for that. Bonus: said hardware shop has small tomato plants and I think some basil as well. It just depends on how much I can carry, or how many trips I want to make...

I still haven't named the mint or parsley yet. I feel like I want to, I just haven't found the right names. Mr Green is one contender, but what to name the other plant then? Current frontrunners are Mr. Greener or Mr. Mondo. All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.


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