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( Aug. 25th, 2008 06:50 pm)
I have no real idea what my religious affiliations are, but I believe strongly in certain things. One of those is summed up in a Savage Garden lyric: "All that you need will surely come". What I get from the universe may not always be what I want, but what I need will always be there.

Sometimes that's more obvious than others. Today I went into work in spite of feeling really sick with the cold/flu thing that's going around. I spent the morning at Downstairs Temporary Job before giving up in exhaustion. Since it's only up one flight of stairs, I popped in to my regular office to let them know they might not be seeing me for the next couple of days. They were having lunch, and our lovely admin person said, "I've got a huge bowl of chicken soup here. Do you want to take it home?"

The bowl is seriously big. I'll be fed for at least two more meals, and I've already had some for lunch. I have no idea why she'd brought in so much soup, but I didn't stop to question minor details like that.

Time to crash again, I think...


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