Yesterday my co-workers (from both jobs, natch) surprised me with a box of chocolates, a shiny new shawl and a big bunch of pink tulips. I was so touched to be so cared for in a place where, well, I hadn't quite expected that much. The gifts are all good choices: chocolate never goes astray, the tulips reminded me in a nice way of my Dad's Dutch heritage ("Oh, we totally planned that." "Uh huh."), and shawls are one of the few decorative things I love to wear. All of the shawls and scarves I own have been gifts, and at the risk of sounding extremely corny, wearing them feels like being hugged by people who care for me. In the case of the scarves it could be strangulation, though that's really not my cup of tea...

So it was a good day. The next couple of weeks are going to be nuts though. I have to complete vast chunks of our annual report over the weekend, a major submission by next Friday, another major submission by the end of the month and our report to our funding body by the end of the month as well. In the meantime I am spending a day next week in Hobart and there will also be an overnight stay in Canberra. The week after I fly back to Canberra with my boss for a day before tromping off to Sydney for other meetings and then a few days of leave with family and friends.

I was outlining all of this to $Boss who simply said, "Yeah, but you know you love it." And she's right, I do. Being under the pump work-wise is something that I thrive on, especially when the things I'm doing seem interesting and worthwhile. It's beginning to feel a little bit like I'm ready to jump back into the chaos.


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