It occurs to me that I haven't really written about my post-Christmas time with Miss Maybe. She stayed here for four and a half days. The length of time worried me a bit beforehand - we haven't had a lot of contact over the last few years and I was a bit concerned that one of us would come out of the experience in a body bag. So I made sure I had things lined up for us to do, meaning we'd have lots of time outside the flat in which to not kill each other. Not to mention all the witnesses in public places...

As it turned out, things were fine. In fact, having her here helped me out of a rut as well as giving her some space. We did city touristing, Haigh's, snarking the city circle tram plus The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on the Tuesday. Complete aside: Am I the only woman on the face of the Earth who thinks Brad Pitt has all the charisma of wet cardboard? Give me Nicolas Cage any day. Wednesday we toddled off to Luna Park with [ profile] sjtaylor for to be hanging upside down and going sideways... then some drinking in the night. Thank $deity it wasn't the other way around. Thursday was spent napping and snacking, also known as 'snickering at the fact that she gets hangovers and I don't' and Friday was a visit to Miss B's place for lunch and gossip.

It was good to spend time with her, and to see that some of the things about our lives have changed since we were teenagers (as you would hope), while others haven't. Good to see the people we've become as well as the ones we're trying to be.

The Big Things Of Note were:

1. Haigh's caramel fudge rocks. If you have the chance to buy it and the inclination for that kind of stuff, seriously, don't miss it.

2. When you have a white cane and you are guiding two other people with white canes, the reactions are priceless. Most people assume that a white cane means you can't see at all, which obviously isn't true for me. First you notice a lot of people stopping dead in their tracks right in front of you. Then you can practically hear the cogs turning as they absorb what must be a pretty unusual sight. Finally the penny drops, and they leap out of your way just in time.

My ability to track these things is limited, but I have the funny sense that small children stare less at you if you have a cane and you're in a group with other people who use them. Maybe it's because one person on their own with something different is a curious sight, a whole bunch of people using something you've never seen before might trigger a 'this is a social norm I don't know about yet' response rather than a 'that's a special thing, isn't it?' one.

3. Going on a ride which spins you in all different directions or hangs you upside down is made heaps more scary by not being able to hear. This visit to Luna Park was the first time I'd been to an amusement park since I got the implant, and I have to take off the external part on particularly violent rides. You know that ride where they leave you hanging completely upside down for a good thirty seconds or so before the ride moves again? Much worse if you can't hear that there's no announcement about a malfunction.


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