2008 has been a year of massive change. In the immediate sense most of it has been negative: my relationship with Matt ending, my guide dog retiring, my Dad dying. But I also have a new job, a new place to live which I'm slowly making my own, and a greater sense of the person I think I want (and need) to be.

This year is going to be all about working out how the newly rising parts of myself fit. Can I exert enough willpower to be consistent about things, to really do what is right as opposed to what is easy? Are there points of balance I need to find between who I am now and the ideal of who I think I should be?

I know I'll always have crap getting in the way of my ability to do the things I think I should... but part of steering myself well is responding to challenges in a way that fits best with who I want to be rather than letting them derail me.

My instincts tell me I can build myself something wonderful. I reckon this is the year to start.


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