As per usual:

"His Lordship appears to be much better today."

"The wedding has been postponed indefinitely."

"This weekend has been my most social in a long time."

"It's been a busy week here, both work-wise ( that's new), and socially."

"I'm not often lost for words, but it's taken me a while to write this, and to feel like I have it right."

"This week started out as the week from hell."

"Matt and I have broken up."

"So I'm basking in the glowing glow of dodgy uni library lights, listening to two people who have never heard the phrase 'inside voices' before (...coming from a deaf chick, that says a lot) and trying to find my way around a keyboard with keys that stick in odd, unfamiliar places."

"It's really easy to be on your high horse when you're not in a certain situation."

"There are many sad things about visiting my sister's house."

"I don't usually post links to YouTube fan videos because of the access issues, but this clip of women from some of my favourite shows is too good to pass up."

"Distinction? I got a fracking distinction in spite of the hell that was last semester? How'd I manage that?"
crypticgirl: (going isane)
( Dec. 10th, 2008 09:39 pm)
My parsley plant is getting a bit brown so today I continued the search for appropriate pots. The quest started at the hardware shop near home, which only had the kind of pots you might keep a Triffid in. A very compliant, Prozac addled Triffid.

Big W had some lovely pots, including the white ceramic ones I ended up buying. They also had a wall full of chemicals to assist the growth of your plants and desist the growth of animals wot like to chomp on them. There were gardening gloves, rakes and watering cans. Guess what they didn't have?

Potting soil.


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