Progress update du jour: I now have net access at home! Woo to the hoo! Like everything else in my damn life right now, this has not been an easy process.

Step 1: Look for phone outlet. Fail to see it.
Step 2; Eye off the heavy bookshelves already laden with stuff and whimper at the thought of moving them.
Step 3: Realise that the little square thing which is just about the same colour as the wall is actually the phone outlet.
Step 4: Try putting the phone cord into the outlet. The telephone cord that came with the router doesn't seem to fit the plug.
Step 5: Scream at outlet.
Step 6: Scream at telephone cord.
Step 7: Discuss with Matt. Ascertain that this is an old telephone wall plug, and needs an adaptor.
Step 8: Go to Dick Smith's and buy adaptor.
Step 9: Try again. Realise that the phone line cord is way too short to reach from the outlet to the desktop.
Step 10: Scream at telephone cord.
Step 11: Hunt everywhere for longer telephone cord I clearly remember bringing with me from Canberra.
Step 12: Unfurl prized cord after several hours of searching high and low, only to find that it's missing the little socket bit at one end.
Step 13: Scream at telephone cord.
Step 14: Discuss with Matt, who reminds me that I do in fact have a laptop.
Step 15: Set up router on laptop. Sink into blissful bliss of net connectivity.
Step 16: Go back to Dick Smith's for second, longer telephone cord.
Step 17: Apply said longer telephone cord and attempt to set up router on main computer. Power registers. Ethernet cable registers. Telephone line says no.
Step 18: Scream at telephone cord.
Step 19: Go back to using laptop.

... and that's where I'm at, pretty much. Tomorrow will be for to be going to get a replacement for the defunct, newly bought long telephone cable, and cooking sponge cakes with a friend. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a working net connection to the desktop and a working VoIP service. I'm not counting on it though. Also, I think I may have managed to set up limpet (my wireless network) so that the laptop won't be able to connect to it, but I'll cross that sulfur drenched lava pit when I get to it.

So, what have I missed in the land of LJ?


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