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( Apr. 27th, 2008 01:13 am)
1. Contact lenses. Am still operating with ONE EYE ONLY most of the time. In the Small Mercies column, I have found my old coke-bottle glasses, which I'm using at nights to relieve some of the irritation when having the lens in causes too much pain because I've not worn anything in that eye for over a month. I'm already anticipating the sheer joy of repeating this process with the other eye in due course.

2. Work craziness. On the list because, well, when is it not on the list. We've now moved into much saner premises, and we're about to take on our second new person in the space of a month. These are both Good Things, but not in the short term when they mean more work. This coming few weeks isn't looking too bad compared to the past couple of months. It goes thusly:

April 28th - Abstract due. Read through Victorian government early childhood education policy and go to forum to provide comment. Guilt trip cow-irker because I'm going in her place.

May 2nd - Submission due on quality assurance and reporting structures within in the disability advocacy sector.

May 12th - Submission due on the options paper for the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act review.

May 13th - Federal Budget night. Run around like chicken with head cut off.

May 14th - Conference presentation on sexual health education.

May 17th - Submission due to the inquiry into the 2007 Federal election.

That's just the work with solid deadlines. I also have to develop a new policy, get back to a couple of reference groups I dropped when insanity looked like a viable hobby, develop terms of reference for a new board subcommittee, begin an audit of our existing policies and follow up on queries around customer assistance policies, dental health issues and state based travel pass concessions. I'm acutely aware that this list will have ten other things on it by the end of the working week. It always does. And you know what? I can never do any more than I actually do; not without the aforementioned insanity or foregoing a life.

3. Most minor irritation of all: I discovered the hard way that you don't want to try levelling your fishing skill off, say, Southfury River down around the entrance to Azshara if you're Alliance. This is because there are steep cliffs either side of you when you get down to that nice, enticing patch of stone jutting into the water, and you will be forced to either make your way to Durotar (enemy territory) or to portal your way out from the arse end of a waterfall. That is, assuming you're a mage and you can portal; I found a paladin in a similar predicament at said arse end of the waterfall, waiting for his hearthstone to reset.


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