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( Apr. 14th, 2008 08:48 am)
Although I managed to maintain a good mood for much of this weekend, bits of it were composed of massive fail. Most notably, I am now functioning without any contact lens assistance. I dropped the left lens - which has been my only means of usable sight for the last month while the new right one has been under construction in Adelaide - and after three or four sweeps of the bathroom over several hours, it was not to be found. Thankfully the right lens has arrived at the optometrists, so I will be collecting that this afternoon on my way back from a work meeting. Then I will be keeping the optometrist's kids in designer knee socks by shelling out yet more money.

Speaking of my work meeting, it's a government consultation with the disability sector. Unlike many government consultations, they've actually decided to provide some clear instructions for getting to, and around, Rather Large Venue. See if you can spot the flaw:

To get to the X Room

  • Go to gate 4
  • Get in the lift and go up to the Y level
  • There will be signs directing you to the X Room
  • Once you arrive at the X Room go to the registration desk

That's right folks. THE SIGNS ARE ALL I NEED. Because my guide dog will read them to me.


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