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( Mar. 31st, 2008 09:17 am)
Sir Pupsalot is going along nicely these days. Six months in and it feels like we're starting to really gel. The more I understand him the more I feel like we're really working as a team. I can tell some of the time when he's trying it on now, even without having to think about it. There are still behaviour issues to work on, but we're getting there.

I caught up with someone a week ago who has just gotten their first dog and it really served to highlight how far we've come. I'm no longer overanalysing everything when we go out, and I don't have to correct him so often either. When I do, I can usually make it a verbal warning. I'm pleased by that in particular, because while there are times when the choker is absolutely necessary -- he still has major dog distraction issues which cause him to try and bound towards a dog if I don't catch it early enough, and when there are other people walking with us he's less well behaved in general -- I'd much rather have a 'scale' of correction. It feels more respectful somehow, and while I have no idea whether dogs can make the distinction between 'really serious transgression' and 'stop sniffing that, you bastard' it helps me to keep those things in mind and to be more patient.

In shocking news, we discovered the other day that... HE LIKES TO PLAY. This is a Major Revalation, because we bought him a tug toy, a Kong and some tennis balls when he first arrived, and he showed absolutely zero interest in any of it. So I wasn't expecting much when I went to the shops and grabbed a squeaky toy the other day. Turns out he was utterly delighted. The squeak was gone in five seconds flat, of course, but the toy has since been used for chewing, playing fetch and tug games. After he (re)discovered the joy of round plastic things, he got out his Kong again too, and has been obsessively carrying one or other around the house ever since.


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