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( Mar. 10th, 2008 05:30 pm)
This weekend has been my most social in a long time. Friday night was Thai food and a bottle of wine with a cow-irker, at a yummy place near what will soon be our old office. We're moving into the CBD in about six weeks, so we've resolved to spend more time at all the little places around our current inner-suburban location while we can.

It's not like we can't go back anyway from time to time, but I know how easy it is to make those kinds of promises and then not to follow through because it's just a little bit more out of the way than say, the yum cha places along Little Bourke, or the cafes in Degreaves Street. I'm especially going to miss the White Rabbit, which is a combined bar and record shop (yes, with actual records rather than CDs). They do a good range of cocktails, and my hot chocolate with rum was the perfect way to start a weekend of busy times.

onwards and upwards )


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