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([personal profile] crypticgirl May. 6th, 2009 01:08 pm)
I spent Monday and Tuesday home sick with the kind of exhaustion that comes with the flu, but no actual flu symptoms. Got a doctor's certificate for the two days off from a fill-in GP who said it sounds like a low-level viral infection, and went into work today. Big mistake. I arrived at the office ready to curl up on Ellie's bed next to her and not get up for a few hours.

Back to see my normal GP, who has confirmed that the blood tests they did yesterday show symptoms she'd expect to see with a virus and has given me a certificate for the rest of the week along with stern instructions not to go in and push myself, no matter how much better I feel. Because that's the thing: it's one of those bugs where you feel really run down when you're Doing Stuff or Being Thinky, but it isn't much of a problem if I'm, say, reading teh interwebz and listening to corny 90's music.

My doctor has also said that if I feel this way again just to give her a call and she'll write out a certificate rather than having me come in and exert myself further. This is the same GP who did an hour-long consultation with me when I first went to see her 'so she could get to know me and my history'. Admittedly, my medical history is a little more complex than most, but still. She totally rocks.
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