Today has been craptacular from a work perspective. I'm chasing a deadline for something really big, which is why I'm sitting here writing this entry instead of working on it at home after hours like I told myself I would. As you can see, motivation has been a bit lacking. More accurately: the closer I get to this deadline, the less I wanna. This is not at all typical. Usually by this stage I'd have so much adrenaline running through my system that you'd think I was being chased by a lion with poison tipped teeth, severe hunger pangs and a grudge against people who scream at a high pitch.


On the other hand, I got caught in a massive downpour coming home tonight. It had been drizzling lightly right up until I got to the crossing on my street. Just as the light to cross turned green the rain started splashing down in big gushes. By the time I got across the road and walked the twenty metres or so to my apartment building I was drenched and grinning from ear to ear. Even with the paranoia about getting the implant wet, I love being out in the rain like that. It's as if I suddenly woke up from the hazy dream that had been the rest of the day and found myself in the cold, shivering and utterly gleeful.


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