This week has been many things, but 'relaxing' isn't one of them. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were work days full of meetings in Canberra and Sydney. The meetings - especially the ones with politicians - were really cool and a great learning experience, but as the people with hearing impairments reading this will tell you, any meeting is a huge drain on energy levels, especially if you don't know everyone concerned.

Then it was off to my sister's place for a few days to catch up with her and the kids as well as my exceedingly excellent mother. My boss sent me a text on the first day to say she hoped I was having a nice rest. This made me laugh uproariously, because clearly she has never spent time in a confined space with a sixteen year old, a twelve year old, a ten year old and a five year old ALL AT ONCE. That's without taking into account that the sixteen year old has an intellectual disability which means he has a mental age of about five, and the twelve year old has suspected ADHD. Alll of these kids have varying levels of developmental delays; the middle kids are in special education classes and the five year old will be repeating kindergarten next year because she's just not coping. Spending time with them is always delightful in many ways, but restful isn't the way I'd describe it.

Yesterday we scattered Dad's ashes and I left for the city to catch up with a friend. Said friend and I had a lovely afternoon walking around the Harbour and drinking cocktails, but this person is going through a very rough time of things at the moment (yes, even relative to what I've been through recently) so I spent most of my time listening and reassuring. We did talk a bit about my stuff too, but the balance was very heavily going the other way this time. This isn't a problem in that I love this person and being there is important, but it did leave me with a huge case of the sooks this morning because I wanted someone to be taking care of me for a fricking change.

The solution? I've poured myself a nice hot cup of internet at a local convenience store because even though I know I'll be able to use my own net connection tonight at home I need to feel like I'm in touch with people. When I am done here I have plans to duck into the Perfect Potion shop in the Queen Victoria Building, where I will try not to buy out the whole place before I meet up with Miss Maybe (whose identity should be clearly apparent to those of you who know her just from the moniker) for lunch. Normally I find Miss Maybe a little difficult to be around because it takes a lot to draw  her out on the heart of a matter; how she feels is kept very much under wraps. Today that makes her the perfect person to be with.

It will be so nice to get back to my own space tonight. I'm sick of hotels and mattresses on the floor.


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