There's nothing like the feeling of corn kernels from a can squishing underneath your feet. I was cooking dinner and wanted just some of the corn for my salad, but decided to drain all of it and transfer it to another container. Let's just say the colander - and my hand - weren't as steady as I'd hoped and the corn went everywhere. I got most of it up in the first go, but light surfaces and yellow substance don't work so well with my vision, hence the squicky feet.

This was promptly followed up by going downstairs to discover that the dryer in my apartment complex is broken. Discovered, of course, just at the end of finishing my washing cycle. Sigh. I have called the company, and when I am less irate I will go back down there and post a sign about it being broken to hopefully save someone else the same trouble. If I did it right now it would probably read something like "DRYER BROKEN. COMPANY HAS BEEN CALLED. NO LOVE, THE CHUMP WHO FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY."


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