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( Jan. 29th, 2009 12:52 am)
I cannot sleep without my vibrating alarm clock. The vibrating alarm clock is about the size of my palm and clips to the outside of my pillow case. As promised on the package, the clock vibrates when the alarm goes off. This is how I know to get up in the morning. I either press the magic button and get up or I sleep through it and my dreams suddenly include trains or earthquakes. Occasionally, I press the magic button and sleep through anyway.

My mobile has an alarm and a vibrate function, but no way to be kept securely under the pillow or in the pillowcase.

Tonight, of all nights, I have lost my vibrating alarm clock. This morning I could have sworn I left it on the bed. Not there. Not under the bed, or absently picked up and moved to another room. I am naked, sweaty and pissed off. I have begun looking in increasingly bizzarre places, so I can confirm for you, Dear Reader, that the clock is not hiding under the dancing cow. Nor has it fallen into one of my purple Docs.

Gah. It's times like this I really hate not being able to see properly.

Now that I've vented I think I'm going to have one last look before going to bed and risking a late wake up. It'll turn up sooner or later.


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